Former Members' Association (FMA) Spreading information about the European Parliament and the EU

The FMA aims at bringing together former MEPs and at availing of their experience and expertise. With nearly 680 members, the FMA is involved in a wide range of activities including seminars, study visits, university lectures, democracy building, and the spreading of information about the European Parliament and the EU. Read More 

FMA news:


24-28 September 2017: Study Visit - Washington

6-7 November 2017: Visit to National Parliaments - Estonia

29 November 2017: FMA Annual Cocktail and Dinner European Parliament, Brussels

30 November 2017: FMA Annual Seminar on "EU global strategy on Security and Defence". European Parliament, Brussels. Now video available.






FMA Bulletin:
Bulletin Septembre 2017

Bulletin Septembre 2017

The September issue focuses on Europe of Creativity

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FMA Programmes:


From 19 to 21 October - UKRAINE, European Studies Association - Per GAHRTON

From 13 to 16 November - GERMANY, University of Göttingen - Michael HINDLEY

From 29 November to 1 December - FRANCE, University of Clermont Auvergne - Ilona GRAENITZ and Zofija MACEJ KUKOVIC

From 3 -10 December - CZECH REPUBLIC, Mendel University - Mariela BAEVA

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