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The visit to OLAF took place on Wednesday 11 May, with about 20 participants. Please find here the programme and here below the documents of the dossier.


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1-Commission decision establishing the OLAF 1999 (44 kb)
2-Amending Regulation concerning investigations conducted by the OLAF 2011 (198 kb)
3-Communication from the Commission on its anti-fraud strategy 2011 (87 kb)
4-Court of auditor - follow up report 2011 (1 Mb)
5-Opinion 11-06-01_Investigations_OLAF_EN (95 kb)
6-Report from the Commission - fight against fraud - report 2010 (1 Mb)
7-OLAF Annual Operational Report 2011 (1 Mb)
8-OLAF Management Plan 2012 (210 kb)
9-Legislative Observatory Summary EN (38 kb)